My Graphic Design

here's different graphic design projects ive done ~ a VASTLY incomplete list
also please forgive my for the long loading time on this page, all images are loaded in their original resolutions

fake albulm art ig?

  1. inspired by screentoning and like traditional japanese art and such

graphic design

  1. isnt merely my only passion

some text practice

  1. very very quick for this one, im impressed for how quickly i did it, florid is a nice word

re:Live Society Logo

  1. finally shown to the public, pretty pretty amirite?

albulm practice

  1. not to be used, just what im workin on to try and get better, apparently all i do is fake albulm covers??? i never noticed that

  2. also the one on the right was made entirely of photos i took from my desk, and a bit of magic~

Cyberboys - Mockup

  1. a test for a potential future albulm

  2. some earlier renditions


  1. first set of tests for albulms that wont exist

  2. some of the worse/meme albulms (ishouldntworkwhilefriendsmakememes)

Some Albulm Covers for Artists/Genres

  1. i have my own music application and wanted to make custom albulm covers for artists, was a bad idea, some of them are okay tho...

Some of the first graphic work i did

  1. like this is actually very old, there is older stuff but most of that is lost

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