DATE: XXXX-01-07










     Project Athame, approved through supra-majority vote by the Upper Echelon (Authorized by Protocol 02), was initiated with the goal of increasing understanding of the innerworkings of Thematons and further utilizing their available functions, specifically through the use of a Sabre. All previous tests, including: absolute heat, absolute cold, carbon-nanotube penetration, aerogel reaction, and prolonged thermal radiation, produced no biological reaction or observable change from any Thematon. Thus, utilization of a Sabre was deemed necessary for the experiment. Carnwennan, model 03 in the Noble series, was chosen due to it containing the highest density of Neutronium and the lowest material cost, along with the most current crystal structure.

     The experiment was to take place on Subject X-02. Comparative data shows X-02 maintains the lowest barrier density of all Thematons according to resonance imaging estimates. Subject X-03 was transported to Facility S-26, per Evaluated Risk Protocol 05. Projected subject responses indicate a success chance of 51.36%, though S-Incident-1 suggests estimates are to be considered fallible.

     Project Athame proceded immediately, taking ALPHA-4 Precedence, and reached operational functionality after 31.5 days. All mechanical functions of Facility S23 were delegated to Project Athame, with the exception of required sonic tunnel transport in the area. Project proceeded as planned (5u standard deviation), until the occurence of S-Incident-2 on XXXX-01-06. Project Athame has now been terminated, per official Jurisdiction orders, following Protocol 06-D. Mandatory Incident Report to be delivered to all Y-Divison Heads, S4 and S6 Personnel will handle specific data interpretation and media response, and S7 Personnel will handle budgetary, mechanical, and transportation adjustments. Official report as follows:

Present: Head Lab Technician V1, Head Neuroscientist V3, Management Official Y7, All Mandatory S2 Personnel.

Visiting: Commander Shi Inouye, Senator Schweiker.

ITC1: Axiom:S2 Leads, pursuant to notice, met on XXXX-01-06 at 06:05:00.12, in the main control room. Experiment Athame on Subject X-02 was set to begin at 14:00:00.00. Visitors were briefed on safety precautions and procedures for the upcoming experiment.

ITC2: Data log at 10:15:00.00 reports all conditions of Subject X-02 as normal [Reference Below]. Preperations were 67.605% complete, main delays due to subjugated cooling as a result of recovering from Incedent-4 at 08:25:00.07. Diverted power from the main reserves reduced capacity to 98% : 48% above the current minimum requirements. Generators 1-8 estimated power generated at 4,993,693 MWh, performing at 78% effeciency.

ITC3: Manual log [V1] at 14:10:35.22. Report states all operations proceeding normally, approximately 17 minutes behind schedule. [V3] and [Y7] verified all conditions and proceeded with preperations. Carnwennan transport arrival at -02:40:50.00, docking, loading, and encapsulation were successful. All further transports denied, facility on preparatory lockdown. Regulated power received, and experiment procceeding on completion and verification of all operational facilities. Power diversion began at 14:13:10.56.

ITC4: Recovered auto-audio log 14:17:35.03 : Transcription: [All systems fully operational. Carnwennan fully loaded and powered. Subject X-02 conditions stable, no irregularities. All monitor systems fully functioning. Cellular division scans, neurobiomedical reports, wall structure displays, core monitors, and thermal radiation detectors on active monitoring. Carnwennan initialization procedure active. Begin incision in 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...] All other text and audio reports lost after 14:18:11.26.


    After the insertion of Carnwennan into Subject X-02, various destructive unexpected biproducts occured. Frame data from the cellular division monitors was recovered allowing observation of one adverse effect.

[14:18:11.12]-[14:18:11.15] : [00:00:00.00]-[00:00:00.03]-P.I. All cellular division was observed to be normal. No irregular patterns or rates can be observed. All technological checks indicate accurate readings from all tools.

[14:18:11.16]-[14:18:11.19] : [00:00:00.04]-[00:00:00.07]-P.I. Cellular division monitors output results indicating immense cellular replication. It should be noted that between frame 4 and frame 5, 1ms transpired, and all readings are still assumed to be accurate. Cellular divison pattern recognition proceeds to analyze and return a irregular warning due to significant change.

[14:18:11.20]-[14:18:11.23] : [00:00:00.08]-[00:00:00.11]-P.I. Cellular replication rates doubled between frame 8 and frame 9. Rates stabilize again over a 4 frame window, maintaining the new irregular pattern. Unprepared sensors report potential measurement deviations of 0.0005nm.

[14:18:11.24]-[14:18:11.27] : [00:00:00.12]-[00:00:00.15]-P.I. Final overload warning activates as cell replication excedes maximum observational density. At [14:18:11.26] display no longer shows cellular activity. At [14:18:11.27] all monitoring goes offline.

    Due to active monitoring of Subject X-02, wall structure displays were recovered before the anomaly occurred. All output was stable and regular, with a dispersion output of 0.02%, until the occurence of S-Incident-2.

[14:18:11.12]-[14:18:11.15] : [00:00:00.00]-[00:00:00.03]-P.I. All wall structures stable, well within acceptable limits. 4ms after insertion and Subject X-02 showed no observable sign of wall instability.

[14:18:11.16]-[14:18:11.19] : [00:00:00.04]-[00:00:00.07]-P.I. Wall structures appear to irregularly oscillate, and restraints completely fail. Dispersion output increases to 0.05%.

[14:18:11.20]-[14:18:11.23] : [00:00:00.08]-[00:00:00.11]-P.I. Ireggular oscillation exponentialy increases, as does dispersion output, with readings at 0.95%. At [14:18:11.23] all wall structures report physical distances greater than 0.3nm, well above restrained limits.

[14:18:11.24]-[14:18:11.27] : [00:00:00.12]-[00:00:00.15]-P.I. Final overload warning fails to activate likely as a result of the restraint failure. At [14:18:11.25] display no longer shows wall structures as readings have exceeded machine capable outputs. It should be noted this is exactly 1 frame before cellular reproduction readings ceased. At [14:18:11.27] all monitoring goes offline.

    Only three display readings were recovered, the final being the core display. 60% of monitoring power was diverted to core display at t-00:00:00.03 in an attempt to diagnose the anomoly. Thermal imaging output at 96.32% at the time of S-Incident-2.

[-00:00:00.03]-[-00:00:00.02] Subject X-02's core was secure and stable on immediate observation. After 1ms thermal readings immediately detected an overload, and necessary backup procedures, containment protocols, and emergency shutdown initiated.

[-00:00:00.01]-[-00:00:00.00] Biological interference appears to have prevented shutdown operations, as all core readings at this point do not maintain consistent with the current representative model. At [14:18:11.26] a visual glitch occurs immeditely as monitoring ceases, and is followed by all visuals going offline.


    Data backups indicate 76% of research data is recoverable. Facility S23 damages are extreme, reporting 92% of operations damaged. Satellite-01 capture on S-Incident-2 occurance shows intense thermal expansion, maintaining an inexplicably perfect spherical dispursion.

    All S3 Cleanup Units dispatched, repair is estimated 5% complete. Recovery of Carnwennan was successful, damages is still being assessed, but current scans indicate a permanent structural change and potential corruption. High Risk status has been assigned, and transport to Bunker-0105 is underway. Carnwennan is set for safe anti-matter destruction on XXXX-01-29. No signs of Subject X-02, current assessments indicate a self-desctructive measure activated, resulting in complete annhilation of all nearby biological matter. Subject X-02 is pending classification as terminated, certainty has reached 73.23%. Subject X-03 pending classification as primary research focus. S3, S4, and S5 Personnel received reassignment to S2. S2 Personnel deaths at 2387, injured at 135, and unharmed at 786. Reconstruction of sonic transport tunnel at 30%, projected completion: XXXX-01-09. Social report damage estimates at 0.0003% of local population, no cause for action.

ITC5: Project Athame ALPHA-4 Precedence rescinded. All data reports below Clearance 10 marked for destruction immediately. Data Reports: S1-IR-00437823-D through S1-IR-004378235-F, contain detailed analysis of all recorded data. Newly observed self-destructive properties noted on all Thematon files. Additionally all Sabres will undergo further inductive protection to prevent structual fractures and corruption. Further testing will include all recovered simulatory data.



FILE : S1-IR-00437836-A1