Honestly i thought i was funny when i explained the acronym mentioned below, but in all honesty i didnt realize this project should be called ggldrv and not dcs,,,, ooops.

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it stands for Goo G Le Docs Cuzthat Swhereidecidetohostmyimagesfromnowon

okay okay so i talked briefly about my image hosting strategy in yesterdays daily log, but it was long and laborious so i needed to find a way to automate it. the solution? thisssss, so it took a few trys of different things and by no means is this a great solution, but ehhhhh it works for me sorry im no pro

So the steps for what I did:
- Open the google drive and select the folder
- Run this python program:

import pyautogui, sys, time
from pynput.mouse import Button, Controller

mouse = Controller()

pyautogui.moveTo(1800, 370)
pyautogui.moveTo(428, 680, 2)

for x in range(1,5):
mouse.scroll(0, -50)
pyautogui.moveTo(440, 680, 1)
pyautogui.moveTo(428, 680, 1)


what this program does is selects all the imgs in the folder so i can grab the links, but i still needed to do magic trick to get the links into useable for html, as they are both a big blob of text and full of wrong info, here's the code to sort it out

stroodle = input('paste here: ')

stroodletoodle = stroodle.replace('/view?usp=sharing,%20',
'"style="width: 664px;"/>\n《img src="')
print('《img src=https:/'
+stroodletoodle +'"style="width: 664px;"/》') 

and then the outputted stuff from that goes right into code! works for me. thats this simple inneficient program that helps me upload images for my website.

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