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here's some music i like (in no particular order):

Eve - Bunka (2017)

Favorite songs: Dramaturgy, Okini Mesu Mama, Nonsense Bunkaku

Cö Shu Nie - Aurora (2017)

Favorite songs: Asphyxia, Defection, Character

Lemon Demon - Spirit Phone (2016)

Favorite songs: Life Time Achievement Award, Touch-Tone Telephone, Cabinet Man, As Your Father I Expressly Forbid It

My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge (2004)

Favorite songs: You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison, Hang 'Em High

Twenty One Pilots - Vessel (2013)

Favorite songs: Holding On To You, Migraine, Ode To Sleep, Car Radio, Guns for Hands

Tally Hall - Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum (2005)

Favorite songs: Greener, Taken for a Ride, The Bidding, Just Apathy, Two Wuv, Haiku, Hidden In The Sand

Dirt Poor Robins - The Raven Locks Act 3 (2017)

Favorite songs: Great Vacation, Welcome To Lady Hell

Boards of Canada - Geogaddi (2002)

Favorite songs: Beware the Friendly Stranger, Gyroscope, Julie and Candy, The Devil Is in the details

The Hush Sound - Like Vines (2006)

Favorite songs: We Intertwined, A Dark Congregation, Lions Roar, Don't Wake Me Up, Wine Red

Mother Mother - Touch Up (2007)

Favorite songs: Oh Ana, Love and Truth, Verbatim, and Tic Toc

Cosmo Sheldrake - The Much Much How How and I (Deluxe Edition) (2019)

Favorite songs: Linger Longer, Come Along

I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME - 1981 Extended Play (2018)

Favorite songs: Choke, Bleed Magic, Absinthe

Blue Kid - Upright, Love (2012)

Favorite songs: Can You Keep Up, The Dismemberment Song, Black Sheep - UNIQTRAP (2017)

Favorite songs: Start Menu (Undefined Remix), Hopes and Dreams (Alterego Remix)

Dave Days - Boy You'll Forget (2013)

Favorite songs: Boy You'll Forget, East To West (Bonus Track)

Radwimps - Kimi No Na Wa OST (2016)

Favorite songs: Zen Zen Zense (Movie Version), Sparkle (Movie Version), Nandemonaiya (Movie Edit)

Death Cab For Cutie - Plans (2005)

Favorite songs: Soul Meets Body, I Will Follow You Into The Dark, Crooked Teeth

Coyote Theory - Color (2011)

Favorite songs: This Side Of Paradise, The Ruse & The Caper

Eden - I Think You Think To Much Of Me (2016)

Favorite songs: Sex, Drugs, Rock + Roll, XO, Circle

Snow Patrol - Eyes Open (2005)

Favorite songs: Chasing Cars, Open Your Eyes, Shut Your Eyes

The Brobecks - Violent Things (2009)

Favorite songs: Goodnight Socialite, Better Than Me, Second Boys Will Be First Choice, Small Cuts, I Will Tonight, Visitation Of The Ghost

Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill 2 OST (2001)

Favorite songs: Theme Of Laura, The Darknness That Lurks In Our Mind, Laura Plays THe Piano

Joe Iconis - Be More Chill (2015)

Favorite songs: More Than Survive, The Squip Song, A Guy That I'd Kinda Be Into, Loser Geek Whatever, Michael In The Bathroom, The Pants Song, Voices In My Head

Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Hōkai Amplifier (2002)

Favorite songs: Haruka Kanata, Ao No Uta

The 1975 - Notes on a Conditional Form (2020)

Favorite song: People

Half Alive - Now, Not Yet (2019)

Favorite songs: Runaway, Arrow, Still Feel, Pure Gold

煮ル果実 - ヲズワルド (2020)

Favorite song: ヲズワルド

Half Alive - 3 (2017)

Favorite songs: The Fall, Tip Toes

Twenty One Pilots - Twenty Online Pilots (2009)

Favorite songs: Implicit Demand for Proof, Fall Away, The Pantaloon, Air Catcher, Trapdoor, Isle of Flightless Birds

DM Dokuro - UNDERTALE: The Underground Radio (2016)

Favorite songs: g a r d e n, SAVE, Reality Check Through The Skull, COMMON CORE

Jin - Mekacuity Records (2013)

Favorite songs: Children Record (Re Ver.), Outer Science, Lost Time Memory

Cavetown - Cavetown (2015)

Favorite songs: Untitled V.2, Devil Town

REOL - Sigma (2016)

Favorite songs: YoiYoi Kokon, -FINAL SIGMA-

Vivid Undress - Vivid Undress (2018)