Music List


ArtistAlbumYearCountFavorite Songs
Lemon DemonSpirit Phone201627Life Time Achievement Award, Touch-Tone Telephone, Cabinet Man, Ancient Aliens
Cö Shu NieAurora20175Asphyxia, Defection, Character
EveBunka201710Dramaturgy, Okini Mesu Mama, Nonsense Bunkaku
My Chemical RomanceThree Cheers For Sweet Revenge200413You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison, Hang 'Em High
Twenty One PilotsVessel201312Holding On To You, Migraine, Ode To Sleep, Car Radio, Guns for Hands
Tally HallMarvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum200517Greener, Taken for a Ride, The Bidding, Just Apathy, Two Wuv, Haiku, Hidden In The Sand
Dirt Poor RobinsThe Raven Locks Act 3201712Great Vacation, Welcome To Lady Hell, Behold the Grave
Boards of CanadaGeogaddi200223Beware the Friendly Stranger, Gyroscope, Julie and Candy, The Devil Is In The Details
The Hush SoundLike Vines200612We Intertwined, A Dark Congregation, Lions Roar, Don't Wake Me Up, Wine Red
Mother MotherTouch Up200713Oh Ana, Love and Truth, Verbatim, and Tic Toc
Cosmo SheldrakeThe Much Much How How and I (Deluxe Edition)201928Linger Longer, Come Along
I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME1981 Extended Play20186Choke, Bleed Magic, Absinthe
Blue KidUpright, Love201211Can You Keep Up, The Dismemberment Song, Black Sheep
Sasakure.ukUNIQTRAP20179Start Menu (Undefined Remix), Hopes and Dreams (Alterego Remix)
Dave DaysBoy You'll Forget201311Boy You'll Forget, East To West (Bonus Track)
RadwimpsYour Name.201627Zen Zen Zense (Movie Version), Sparkle (Movie Version), Nandemonaiya (Movie Edit)
Death Cab For CutiePlans200511Soul Meets Body, I Will Follow You Into The Dark, Crooked Teeth
Coyote TheoryColor20115This Side Of Paradise, The Ruse & The Caper
EDENi think you think to much of me20167sex (catching feelings), drugs, rock + roll, XO, Circles
Snow PatrolEyes Open200511Chasing Cars, Open Your Eyes, Shut Your Eyes
The BrobecksViolent Things200913Goodnight Socialite, Better Than Me, Second Boys Will Be First Choice, Small Cuts, I Will Tonight, Visitation Of The Ghost
Akira YamaokaSILENT HILL2 (Original Soundtrack)200130Theme Of Laura, The Darknness That Lurks In Our Mind, Laura Plays THe Piano
Joe IconisBe More Chill (Original Broadway Cast Recording)201524More Than Survive, A Guy That I'd Kinda Be Into, Loser Geek Whatever, Michael In The Bathroom, The Pants Song, Voices In My Head
Asian Kung-Fu GenerationHōkai Amplifier20026Haruka Kanata, Ao No Uta
The 1975Notes On A Conditional Form202022People, Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied, If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)
Half AliveNow, Not Yet201912Runaway, Arrow, Still Feel, Pure Gold
Half Alive320173The Fall, Tip Toes
Twenty Online PilotsTwenty Online Pilots200914Implicit Demand for Proof, Fall Away, The Pantaloon, Air Catcher, Trapdoor, Isle of Flightless Birds
DM DokuroUNDERTALE: The Underground Radio201614g a r d e n, SAVE, Reality Check Through The Skull, COMMON CORE
JinMekacuity Records201324Children Record (Re Ver.), Outer Science, Lost Time Memory
CavetownCavetown20158Untitled V.2, Devil Town
REOL201613YoiYoi Kokon, -FINAL SIGMA-
vivid undressvivid undress Digital Selection20189SAYONARA DILEMMA, WATASHI MENHERA NANKAJA NAIMON, IKITE IKITE
Mother MotherO My Heart200812O My Heart, Wrecking Ball, Arms Tonite