Ongoing Projects

Anything i'm working on now is updated here as i have time! Thanks for checking it out! (no pictures until completed)

--Finished projects are being logged at the Completed Projects Page

the format for these is more of a process log rather than a tut btw

Pageview Counter


  1. a physical counter for all the pageviews my website gets, ahh yeah yet another way to feed my ego!



  1. very descriptive name i know.. basically its just this midi device i had that im repurposing to run qmk and encoders woot.

3d Modelling


  1. my quest to 3d model every object in existence, or more realistically: to get skills to model the pieces i need for all my other projects, should remain ongoing for a long time

Game Dev


  1. inspired by games like gato robot, hollow knight, and celeste i have decided to embark on the journey of making a game. this is my first time and will likely be quite awfully horrible, but follow along if you so desire!



  1. who doesn't love cyberpunk tech, unfortunately you need skills to build it, ill get back to you on that...



  1. pi cam pi cam pi cam pi cam pi cam pi cam pi cam pi cam

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