433% Keyboard

IT IS FINALLY (mostly) COMPLETED. If anyone has ever heard directly from a higher being, the conception of this keyboard was definitely the message. 450 keys of solid non-mx-browness and 433% the size of a normal full size, what more could you ask for? This keyboard fits 2 (two) full football fields on it {diagram on page 9 of your textbooks}. and um yeah thats kinda it idk can you see it there isnt much to say.

reddit post - thanks for 14k upvotes and 60 awards <3

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Log 1: In The Beginning There Was 104

i've acquired all the materials, i intend to 3d print some "feet" for this board and maybe tent it a bit, here are the pcbs:

this one should be pretty straight forward, i just need some free time to build it. two "scrabblepads" by donutcables btw.

Log 2: Thought you could outwit an onion?

the dautning task beings, and spoiler: i finish it all in one weekend (kinda). well you know what they say, show dont tell (and my hands ache from this build) so heres some pics of the board while i soldered the 450 diodes, switches, etc:

wow! what only took you a couple seconds to look at took me a couple dozen hours, astonishing. well now the simple part (i so naively thought) choosing keycaps! lets just skip all of my indecsision and skip to what i finally settled on. a xda 9009 set, dsa dark gray blanks, xda light grey blanks, cherry relegenadble keycaps (tipro rebrand), dsa "retro beige", cherry beige keycaps, dsa black blanks, and stroke and structure set keycaps.

alot of cutting and frusturating placement of the paper (relegndable caps) later and its done! here's this board next to some other favorites of mine:

sadly i cant officially call this project done until i add the 3d printed feet and finish the qmk, tho fun fact: i typed this whole post on the board~ its honestly not as hard as i thought it would be to switch, its still 123897421987 times better than any staggered non split torture. anyway thanks for reading so far! its been fun~

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