Xbox One HOTAS

a lovely print, can be found here by u/moinen. the physics, compliant mechanism, and 3d modelling knowledge to make this well surpasses mine, but boy do i enjoy having it

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Log 1: Good pictures? Right.

the log title is a reference to the fact that the pictures are poor and the right hand joystick is complete. printing the pieces actually took two tries cuz the tolereances were off on some of the parts:

i wish i could say putting the piece together was easy but it wasn't, i had to use a a a a a thing, a tool for people that know the name of tools and such. it leveraged my weak hands to push the pieces together better than i could so thanks mystery tool.

then i smacked it against the xbox one controller than i definitely use and ta daa, its so fun to mess around with:

now just gotta wait for the throttle to print, and im low on my filament roll, so wish me the best of luck!~

Log 2: It's done. I'm done.

gahhhhh i dont wanna talk about it, getting the throttle connected was a huge pain. done done, picture bye:

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