Dark Souls 3 Randomizer

Have you died enough in Dark Souls? Not yet you haven't! Introducing (drum roll)... the Dark Souls 3 Item and Enemy Randomizer!~ Simply put, this is a tutorial to install the mods that randomize all enemies and items, and install mods in general. Head to the next section now! WARNING: Back up your saves before hand or you will lose them. Playing online with these mods could get you banned as well. Play at your own risk.

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First things first, you gotta navigate to: ModEngine Download and download the availabe file (you will need a nexusmods account sorry​♡). now unzip the .zip and head to your Dark Souls 3 installation folder. (Use "Browse local files" on steam to get here.) Now copy dinput8.dll and modengine.ini to your Dark Souls 3 game directory (inside the folder called \Game). That's all you need to do to install the ModEngine!

Using General Mods
In case you don't want to use the randomizer, here's a quick guide for general mods. • Extract the files from the mod you downloaded into a new folder in the DarkSoulsIII\Game Directory. (This can be called whatever you want, i typically use mod, but certain mods may have a recommendation)
• Open up modengine.ini in a text editor (i use Notepad++) and modify the modOverrideDirectory parameter to the folder you just placed in your \Game folder. The default value is likely \mod
• Launch the game. It will fail to connect to the internet, you should now set the game to launch in offline mode, though this may still persist where you have to wait, it will still work.
• Enjoy!
• To uninstall, simply delete (or rename) dinput8.dll

Enemy Randomizer
I mean come on, this is really where the fun jank lies. First you are going to need to navigate to: Enemy Randomizer Once you have downloaded it, save the file to a location you can keep handy. Create a folder called mod in the \Game folder. Now run the pooremma.exe and set which settings you want. Copy these files: "map" "event" "script" "sfx" "Data0.bdt" to the mod folder you created. That's all you need to do! If you run into an error while playing, rerun the pooremma.exe and re-replace the files.

Item Randomizer
Head to: Enemy Randomizer and download the file. Place the folder randomizer into the \Game folder. Open up modengine.ini in a text editor (again, i use Notepad++) and modify the modOverrideDirectory parameter to randomizer (to match the folder we just placed). Now just run the DS3Randomizer.exe and randomize to your hearts content (make sure to indicate you are using another mod as well - the enemy randomizer)

Final Notes

Everything should once you launch. Hopefully you have no issues, if you do consult the nexusmods instructions or contact me info here if you are really desperate for help. Enjoy~​♡

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