A brief instructional about encoding video files // you should probably find a more informed reference, im still having issues.

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New Method

Ignore everything i say below (crossed out) and just go here and do what they say; a new, simpler way of life. Thanks AMV101.


Okay so what is this? Encoding video files for editing is super duper uper important. I'm not gunna take the time to explain why, sorry I don't fully understand myself, but it has allowed me to preview render quicker than ever before. It works wonders, so if you want your editing to go quicker, I'm mostly talking to AMV makers, follow this.


Okay so first you need to download this here: here this should have everything you need but no guruantees okay. If it doesn't all you really need is ASVP mod and the plugins for it, like Lagarith Lossless Codec, if you don't have that with it and you aren't able to figure it out please contact me, i installed that forever ago so i don't remember the exact instructions.

AvsPMod Instructions

So now that you have everything downloaded you only need to follow a simple few-ish instructions.

Just do these:
• Open AvsPmod
• Drag and drop the file
• Video>Refresh Preview
• (Right click on preview>zoom>fit)
• Type KillAudio() on Line Two
• File>Save As
• Close
• Open VirtualDub
• File>Open Video File
• Select the Avs file you just created
• Video>Fast Recompress
• Video>Compression>Lagarith Lossless codec
• File>save as avi

Uncheck show input show output > priority to highest and booom thats everything simple as that /shrug

AMVTool Instructions

Alternatively you can follow the instructions listed on the site for AMVTool, though i have not tried these myself.

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