plenty of fun, useful, and otherwise interesting websites to check out at your own leisure. hopefully this becomes a useful, plentiful resource, but i imagine it'll mostly remain the empty cabinets of what was on my mind when it was conceived.

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/library of babel/ - all information ever. including this page! and my entire life story! and your life story!

/neocities/ - a website for making your own free websites! no dummy W*X.C*M banner, just you, you(r programming), and you(r site)! i've never used it personally* but im frequently fervently inspired by the works of talented creators/devs on here

/niconico/ - japanese video-sharing site ~ the comment overlay is the most appealing feature for me , really embues a sense of shared watching // a fan favorite: /vocaloid hall of legends/

/waifu2x/ - a fantastic site for increasing the res of images! this is one of the most useful applications i have / unoffical alternate if you need a safe /http/s/ version/

/the cutting room floor/ - dedicated to the scraping, unearthing, and researching unused and cut content from games , video and all. over 100000010110011 articles!~

/flashpoint/ - flash is going down forever, but the preservation effects of BlueMaxima are here to save the day! catch flashpoint with more than 52,000 games !

/⦗ℍ𝕪𝕡𝕖𝕣𝔱𝔢𝔵𝔱: h0p3⦘/ - advance your mind with a look into another's. someone i've had the pleasure of speaking to myself!

/the internet archive/ - access to 451 billion web pages ~ need i say more?

/fancy text/ - not the most elegant of solutions / please message me if you know of some application/githubrepo with a fancy solution to fancy text

/dafont/ - one of many sites for free fonts / ive found this quite useful

/codepen/ - a great source for snippets of code / search what you want / find what you want

/js/dhtml effects/ - free to use scripts for your website / still being updated to this day!

/kagepro/mekakucity/ - ever wanted to get into kagerou project or mekakucity? "emma" wrote a lovely guide for beginners and i think you may find it intriguing / useful

/windows93/ - top fifteen operating system for sure, lots of fun games and ✧༺༻∞secrets∞༺༻✧

/miku.dominos.jp/ - web archive of the iconic dominos pizza app ft. hatsune miku /original ad/


/models resources/ - the full source for models for games!

/awaken akira/ - a beautiful art project documented in great detail

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