The Dactyl Knight

Dacctyl Manuform and two 3d printed figures.

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i wanted to keep at it with 3d printed handwired builds, and i needed to learn painting 3d prints, so this was the product of that. i wanted to keep a good pace but weather was not cooperating to let me try painting... smh. anyway, on to the log!


things in this project:
> arduino pro micros
> key switches (cherry black)
> lube (krytox g502)
> printer filament (blue)
> cherry rc128bm keycaps
> solder
> wire
> diodes
> spray paint (white)


first up is creating the layout and hex file to flash the board, i have made a guide as to not repeat myself every handwire project:

> keyboard layout creator <

i think it is always best to start by flashing the pro micro first, so thats what i did. follow this guide i have made previously:

> flashing arduino pro micro <

next your gunna need a 3d model. i used this wonderful generator:

> dactyl generator <

handwiring guide toooo

> handwiring <

now with all the tutorials out of the way, on to the process!

i printed it and removed the mountainous supports, i didn't want to waste a nice color so i used this ugly blue as i planned on painting it.

finalllly the weather cleared up and i could paint them! i sanded, used a primer, sanded again and then painted, though it didn't turn out the best. ive learned from this attempt and will hopefully see better results in the future.

then i put the switches in and did the wonderful process of handwiring, it was a pain but i got it all done in like 4 hours (including programming the firmware an whatnot)

then i just put some caps on it and hand painted the figurines! thats all really, was a fun time!

ft. hollow knight and super mario galaxy luma

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