Deej x2

omriharel's deej library is back again, this time with a new case found: here! i had enough leftovers so i thought, why not make another (this may the beginning of an accidental deej 3 or 4) make that accidental x2, i ended up making two at the same time.

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Log 1: Size matters~

a quick minute on the printer and gathering parts resulted in this:

i would start soldering now, but i want to make sure the screws fit before i start anything, the rest of the case will take overnight to print, so cya tomorrow or in a couple days!~

Log 2: Double the Trouble

well i had the time and materials so i decided to print two cases, so now i'm making two! but back to the task at hand, i tested out the screws and they fit. i grabbed my hot glue gun and prepared to glue the encoders into place when i took a second to ponder the nuts that came with these encoders. after hitting myself in the face i put away the gluestick and (queue laughter):

genuis i know. well with that handled the assembly of one of these is pretty simple. just attach the rows for 5v and gnd:

, solder pins onto the nanos, then wires to those pins:

and finally attach everything together:

now repeat and you have two of them, simple as that! not much of a learning process as i just made one of these a little while ago. 'glamour' shots:

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