Game Development

welcome to the log of an aboslute newb's attempt at making a video game. ive never made a game (except text based python ones) and ive never made sprites, level design, physics, or whatever it is i havent done it, but alas, i feel it may be possible. the plan is a 1bit 2d metroidvania platformer shooter, but that may be too ambitious.

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Log 1: From Beginnings to Beginnings

i'm gunna summarize the first few days of development in the first log, because this page wasnt set up yet ┈ anyway so i know hollow knight and cuphead were made in unity, so surely that is a viable engine yes? suprisingly actually yes! so i got to work: downloaded unity, watched the first few weird tutorials, and realized im going to need more than this. after following along with about 6 million tutorials i finally got a prototype of sorts. i spent forever making 60 sprites (following a reference im not that talented, yet) and made some dumb tiles (not representative) to give the prototype some flair.

now theres some imprtant things i need to state, these sprites have absolutely 0 relation to the final game and are for testing purposes only. though i intend to keep the 1bit style (maybe), dont get too attach to square guy. overall in these few days i added: walking, jumping, wall jumping, dashing, and falling, though that seems like alot of progress, i prolly need to rework them completely cuz i followed tutorials for them... either way its good for a start. game develeopment is both harder and easier than i thought.

i have set up a board to keep track of what things need adding, im going for shooting next, since violence is always the answer

Log 2: A Sign Off

i'm shelving this project... but do not fret! a new game is in development. im taking this one so seriously that you should expect a new page on the homepage to show up providing a devlog/preview-work of the game! ive pulled back the scope to something feasible, this was too much for my first game.

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┈ ren ​♡