Twas about time i made a 𝖜 𝖊 𝖆 𝖕 𝖔 𝖓. so here it is, everyones favorite knife!- that originated from cs:go yes.

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i just needed to print something new that would use a relatively small amount of filament (my white roll was running low). so i stumbled across this model.

What's In The Box?

things in this project:


first i printed the Karambit, and then i got to work

now just wait an hour or so and viola~

now a quick shot to show you how much better it will hopefully be after its sanded and painted:

#uhoh #glhf

an hour of drying later and:

honestly i probably shouldve left it here but i thought it would be best to try and paint the blade too, so here is how that went.
first coat:

yikes thats not so good, second coat:

well i guess it is a lil bit better, but its quite bumpy, i shouldve taken more time on the coats, and just had more. then i tried sanding to help it look better:

then i gave it a few more coats and it was done, simple as that. lets just say it is painted badly cuz it is 'well worn', anyway the final product:

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