Laptop Keeb

i was given a touch screen laptop by a friend because the keyboard didn't work. i'm not sure if the keyboard could even be removed and replaced, as it seems attached to the frame, but that doesn't matter anyway, because i have a better idea. a 3d printed handwired keyboard, with clips that allow it to attach over where the original keyboard was~

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Log 1: Making The Keyboard

before i even think about learning to model clips to attach the keyboard, i need a keyboard. so i grabbed TeXitoi's keyberon-f4, which has a good amount of keys and works with a teensy2.0++. i 3d printed and wired it pretty quickly, but im having some issues now, but first pictures:

now the issues. the case is just a tad too small for how thick the wires i put in are, so even before i design the clips i need to redesign the case. that and i also don't have threaded inserts, so i need to design a case without threaded inserts. i have near no experience in fusion 360, so lets head over to the 3d modelling learning page~

bonus, my beautifully illustrated measurements:

Log 2: Anything but That

i didnt want to work on the clip design so i decided to finish the keyboard first (as seen on the aforementioned 3d modelling page) i bought some brass threaded inserts for the holes and was amazed at how easy it was to install them. just a touch of the soldering iron and they melted right into the plastic:

so now i just used some m3 screws and keycaps and finished off the base keyboard:

i would love to be done now, but i ventured to make a keyboard that could clip onto a laptop, so i intend to complete that, wish me luck again~

Log 2: Clipping Out of Bounds

on the 3d modelling learning page i worked a bit on this project, but i'm continuing it here. here's the new clip design that hopefully will sucessfully attach to the keyboard:

can't really know until i print it...

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