Merged Dactyl

the merging of two dactyls into one for portability and ease of wiring sake, also hope it looks cool. if you want to build this, the files are: here, you'll need 4.1mm m3 threaded inserts (and fitting screws), and like half a kg to print all those supports.

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Log 1: Professional Modelling

modelling is the brunt of this project, so until its done catch progress over at: the 3d modelling learning page, in the meantime, we can check out the settings i used for the dactyl generator found here:

Log 2: Anddddd, We're Back!

assuming you definitely read the progess i made on the 3d modelling learning page we are redoing all the work that happened there, but this time with manifold geometry. so first things first, i gotta figure out how to make the generated dactyl's manifold. after some testing, it looks like after each half is generated they are able to be printed, but importing them into blender shows they are full of non-manifold issues, and using "clean up" does not work... not entirely sure how to proceed.

okay i imported them into fusion, and it turns out if i don't intersect into them weirdly they will stay as regular bodies. example: i can intersect in to solid portions:

but not into broken geometry:

so im going to design a bride between them, and alter specific points as i receive errors, here is the bridge:

but if i try to connect it all at once i get an error:

so instead i piece by piece added the bridge, shortening individual parts to not intersect with non-manifold geometry, and it worked! they are all one solid body:

now just extruded the bottom for the plate and filled it in:

now i am getting excitingly close to being done, but before i add details, i am going to do a test print for tolerances and thickness:

while that test prints, i added the teensy port:

test print complete, the threaded insert fits into 4mm holes as i estimated and a 4mm width on the cylindrical ring offers the best stability. though my estimates were exactly right, it is always good to test print!

now i can add the holes to the case and to the plate:

and that is it! woah that was fast, itll take a couple days to print both sides, so even if it goes error free, i won't be back here for 4 days, but don't fret, i will work on other projects in the meantime~ ill start by printing the plate to make sure it fits on my printer (it's gunna be tight,,,)┈

preview (it fits):

Log 3: It's Cold Outside

printing time!:

and then i had to take a million supports off:

then i added threaded inserts:

i sanded it down a bit but i cant paint it because of weather conditions right now so... yeah..

Log 4: The End

i wasn't able to spray paint it and i s*ck at sanding so instead i just painted it poorly with white acrylic, i hope that will do.

then to start the usual process, i don't really go into detail about it anymore because it feels so simple to me now. all it is is wiring the diodes, rows and columns, and then the microcontroller. here's some pics of that:

thats it, its done, simple as that, it definitely did not take like 5 hours. then i gave it some 3d printed caps and called it a day:

thanks for reading~

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┈ ren ​♡