Video Deck

a deck to edit video more effeciently by utilizing shortcuts, hotkeys, and encoder knobs! runs on a teensy lc and hopefully looks cool as well

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Log 1: Preparations

this is will utilize Zach Freedman's Big Wheel Project, thanks for open source info, but maybe i'll redesign it to suit my needs. for now:

the things i need to get/design/program are:

after looking through the files, alot of it actually looks like it fits really well, so i'm going to test print it later, but i double checked key size to be sure:

here is the whole model, looks good for now:

Log 2: Hardware

okay so i printed all of the models from the Big Wheel project, and each of them didn't work for me in a different way. they added an extra screw hole on the case, which seems helpful for support, but literally blocks you from putting in the teensy. maybe i made some other mistake with what parts i picked but the waffle plate just came in contact with the switches and encoders i had put in. and finally the big wheel didnt fit on the encoders i bought, but that is entirely my fault for not measuring. so i "fixed" all the models to fit my needs (also making the case taller to make wiring easy, but i ended up having plenty of space anyway) and the new models can be downloaded here.

using the new now working model, i put in the switches and encoders (and apparently took super overexposed pictures?):

wired all of the diodes (besides the one for the encoder that blocks the teensy port):

wired all of rows (again except for the one encoder):

then i soldered color coded wires to the teensy:

and wired it all together!

simple as that

Log 3: Software

reworking the software took longer than it should've, because the original creator had wired their diodes backwards, and i wasn't sure what to change to fix it (it was just flipping the pins) so those adjustments have been made in my version. you can download the original files in the original project or mine here:

here are what my keybindings do:

some extra final pictures:

thanks for reading!

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