3d modelling

my quest to 3d model every object in existence, or more realistically: to get skills to model the pieces i need for all my other projects. this skill is essentially necessary so here is the process of me slowly learning it.

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Log 1: Learning to Model: Or not.

i have a bit (the tiniest bit) of experience in autodesk fusion 360, and this is my attempt without following any tutorials to design what i need. okay i just gave it a whirl, first attempt is this yes, made two sketches and shoved them together:

time for printing, lets see how it turns out! (fast forward an hour) and i couldnt get the tolerances right after a few tries, so im calling it quits for today, got other stuff to do. hopefully i watch tutorials lol~

Log 2: Keyboard Case Repair

i need to re-model a keyboard case, so a perfect opportunity to learn more about modelling. (yes we are going to ignore how the last log ended, ill get back to it eventually) its probably a bad idea but im hoping i can just import it into fusion and just wing it and edit it, we'll see how that goes...

flash forward awhile and i learned how to import stls as meshes and convert them into BRep objects (by disabling the timeline), this allows me to edit them as i so desire

hopefully my modificaitons turn out alright , i sent that out to the printer, now to figure out how to make the clips...

Log 3: Keyboard Case Clips

im a complete noob but i think the best thing to do first would be to take measurements and sketch it out. so i started by trying to make the part that will clip directly to the keyboard, im just winging it and not watching tutorials. this is the left side, and my theory is that the clip will be too loose and slide a little:

well my theory was kinda wrong as its too tight where i intended it to go but too loose anywhere else, im adding some holes to try to hold it steady and thicken the walls so it doesnt break, but i can almost gurauntee that it won't fit the holes, i had trouble measuring and kinda just guessed:

my measurements were off, but before redoing this and the clips for the side of the laptop, a quick side tangent:

Log 4: Agaping Repair

i've always wanted a dactyl manuform that was connected as one, but i can't model a keyboard like that! so instead im stitching together two halves of a dactyl with my novice modelling "skills", here is the first attempt:


wow this is gunna involve more design that i thought, we'll see what i do next

Log 5: Progress, but Despair Ahead

continuing from the last log, i'm gunna work on the dactyl manuform (spoiler: it doesnt end well). i'm gunna start by relying on the only tool i know how to use, {extrude}, so i'll extrude all the faces on the bottom to make the plate:

you would think there is just a "fill" button to click, but if there is i don't know where it is so i manually extruded the insides until it was full:

now to add the space for the threaded inserts, just make some circle sketches and extrude them:

intersect those into the plate and:

okay this is looking really good (spoiler: i overlooked something critical), so lets add the teensy mount:

wow that was easy, now to cut that with the main body... wait it doesnt work. turns out that the main body is a "surface body" which means it is not solid and has non-manifold geometry, fixing it manually would take ages cuz of how many sides there are, so i tried using blender to fix it:

welp.., for the record i did try a million things and none of them worked, so instead of spending forever trying to repair this, im going to start over and make sure the two halves are manifold before i start, because all the work i did was proper. bonus blender pic:

i believe this showcases what i learned well enough and since im just going to redo it, how bout heading back to the merged dactyl page?

Log 6: Outsourcing

not that it is particularly necessary to mention it, but i thought it best to keep track of all the modelling that happens, i moddeled a sdvx controller over at the portavoltex page, here's some pics:

additionally, all modelling for the laptopkeeb will take place on the laptopkeeb page from now on, here's a preview:

thats all for now, my skills have advanced enough that i can make the average thing i need, maybe i'll reboot the page when i need to learn *real* modelling.

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