so you stumbled upon this site and you are wondering what the deal is. "what's with all these pages? whAt dO theY MeAn?" do not fret, i will be your guide through the wonderful world of re:live sight~

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Relevant Descriptions

—「01://Who am I?」
i am ren rose, i have quite a few hobbies and if you wanna read more about me reference my cringe bio. but i could sum it all up by saying i am a 'technology enthusiast' since (mostly) all of my hobbies wouldn't be possible without tech (but please dont apply such a limiting description to me). check the blog for entries about what i've been working on~

—「02://Points of Interest」
this site is a passion project of mine, it is a bit of a aesthetic expression but also a hopefully functional site for following along with my projects so that maybe you are able to learn something yourself! there's quite a bit here, and some parts of the site get neglected more than others (there is alot to keep up on) so heres some highlights if you want to see which projects and pages i am the most proud of, projects first:

now pages:

of course there is plenty more to explore, but i'll leave that too you if you are still interested

—「03://Off Site "Achievements"」
some of these will be linked to elsewhere, but here is a little hub of some of my 'achievements/feats'. it could also be that i made this section with the hope it encourages me to increase the amount of things here, best of luck to (future) present me then! (sr) = speedrun, all runs reflect their place at the time, places may have changed.

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